azienda mitaly


Integrated processes, innovation and a constantly look to the future: this is Mitaly.

Innovation, efficiency, quality excellence, style and design that have always characterized Milan and Italy: they are the founding values of Mitaly’s philosophy, trademark owned by a diversified industrial group on the market since 50 years in the household appliance, automotive, electrical civil and medical industry.

Thanks to consolidated know how in the R&D and in the manufacturing of electromechanical and plastic systems, we can design and produce high quality machines and technologically advanced capsules intended for the Coffee & Beverage sector.

The flexibility and integration of our manufacturing processes allows us to offer our partners self-protected capsules compatible with all the most popular standards on the market but also to design and produce closed systems and solutions of machines and capsules, customizing them to specific needs in RETAIL, OCS and HORECA segments and managing the entire production chain.

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