Hot Drinks

Milk coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino, tea of distant worlds selected among the best producers in the convenience of a disposable capsule. The Mitaly capsules, produced with innovative technologies, help ensure a steady and solid oxygen barrier, so as to preserve 100% the taste of the products. 

Available for:

Line Totem (compatible Caffitaly System ®*);

Line Continent (compatible Nespresso ®*);

Continent Plus (closed system + compatible Nespresso ®*);

Line Sweet (closed system + compatible Nescafé ®* Dolce Gusto ®*);

Line Emme (compatible Martello®*, Espresso Cap®*, Lui L'espresso®*, Italico®*)

Line Unika (closed system)

* Refer to the Notes page for the quotation of trademarks, Legal

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