Innovation and environment

In Mitaly hi-tech means also BIO. We look to the future, and we see it clean. For this reason, our capsules are 100% compostable and bio-compatible, made with innovative materials and in compliance with the strictest European regulations regarding environmental protection.


Our integrated approach to research, development and production, philosophy and engine underpinning all of our activity, allowed us to develop our capsules with innovative materials compatible with the most stringent European regulations on environmental protection. In particular, our capsule complies with UNI EN 13432:2002.

The materials used in the production of compostable capsules, are formulated in such a way as to be compatible and fully integrated within the compost produced in special industrial installations, starting from domestic waste.

The result of this process is a sort of humus rich in nutrients that is used as a fertilizer, both industrial and domestic.


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